Mr. T’s English 12: Global Leadership class’s vision for the Alternative Academy

Discontent with current model
  • Closed campus lunch
  • Hall sweeps and “prison-like” atmosphere
  • Large class sizes
  • Passing time and lunch are too brief
  • Lack of student input regarding scheduling
  • Too much meaningless homework
  • Armed security guards

Desires for new model
  • Adjustable attendance policy based on karma
  • Separate facility
  • Standards shouldn’t be lowered or material “dumbed down” to increase graduation
  • Emphasis on core classes, less electives
  • Start and end later in the day
  • Smaller class sizes, more individualized instruction
  • Teacher aides/team teaching in large classes
  • More arts and humanities in all classes
  • Career pathways/choosing a “major”/College track vs. skilled labor track
  • Apprenticeships
  • More movement and hands-on learning
  • Smoking Annex
Common philosophical themes
  • More student freedom, input, and responsibility
  • Personalized/individualized curriculum
  • Emphasis on the arts