Articles listed on this page are articles that I have found interesting. I do not agree with everything in them, but they do raise interesting questions.
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21st Century Learning
On learning
Online Classes
6 Major Changes in Education
Adapt Your Lesson to the 21st Century
History of Online Education-Graphically
Kentucky’s Redesign Plan
How IPADS are being used
What is 21st Century Learning
5 Near-future Trends
One Possible Future
One School's Model
What a student of the future "looks" like
Seat time vs. Learning
Future Trends
Year-Round School
Blended Learning Defined

Flexible work times
Online Doctors
How one School Reinvented Themselves
Reducing Grad Requirements
Mass Customized Learning Resource
5 New Tech Trends
What Happens every 60 seconds on the Web

Textbooks in the Future
Open Source

A number of resources on Flipping
Flipping Introduced
Website Resource
General Information
An Experts Opinion
A How to Presentation
Flipping from a few Perspectives
Great Resource
Flipping Information

Standards-Based Grading/Education
Describing Standards-Based Grading
Grading Concerns at the University Level
Compotency Based Edcuation in Action
Starter Resource
A School "doing" SBE
One School's Approach
Oregon's Approach
A School in Maine
Full Disclosure – Colorado Adams District
Beaverton's Approach
Middletown's Approach

Blended/Online Learning
Growth of Blended/Online
Future of Online MBA programs
100% Online Courses
Growth of Online Learning
iNACOL Proposed Online Teacher Standards
Growth of Online Learning

Outline of One Concept of Blended Learning
One School's Approach
Resource to get You Started
A Current Perspective 5/2012
Everything you want to know about Hybrid Leanring
Washington DC's Approach

Future Competition
China's Online Edcuation
Knewton Style
Learning For One
3 Models
Current Research on Blended Learning

Student Responsible for Learning

One School's Approach to Hybrid Learning

Educating All Students

Student Focused Learning
Transformational Education
Standards Based Learning
Importance of Personalized Learning
One View on Personalized Learning
Personalized Learning
Student Engagement
21st Century Student
New Student
The Broadband Learner
What Students want Teachers to Know about Online Learning
21st Century Skills
Future Employability Skills
Standards instead of seat time
Don't Forget about the Person
Technology Infrastructure
Project Based Learning
Web Resource

Online Learning
A National Perspective

Ideas for all levels
Helpful Hints
APs to Consider
Helpful Links/Apps for Teachers
On Teacher's Approach to Using IPAD as a Learning Device
Great Resource